Marc Pinto

Tapas and Oneness.

Inspired by his late grandfather’s stories from North Borneo, Marc has travelled extensively around the world, on jungle field trips and personal expeditions to learn as much as possible about different societies, cultures and artforms.

He’s since transformed those experiences and insights into a philosophy which drives a growing portfolio of innovative and purpose-driven enterprises. In a fast paced world, Marc’s inspiration is to remind us of our older, more “primitive” nature: a fundamental need for supportive community and rich human interaction.

And so the concept of Deja Vu Tapas Restaurant was born. For some, “Deja Vu” is an eerie feeling. But for Marc the feeling that you’ve experienced something before, that you’ve met a person before, is actually very positive; it’s really us sensing our oneness, that none of us are really strangers after all.

A serial entrepreneur, internationally acclaimed tattoo artist, investor, and social advocate, Marc divides his time between various businesses and social projects around South East Asia, as well as consults entrepreneurs in Australia and abroad.


Daniele Alogna

“I believe in the idea that you can travel, work, and be free at the same time, making your own passions a job.”

Born in Italy, Daniele has lived for years in Milan where he has distinguished himself as organizer of events in Milan’s nightlife. The desire to change and the passion for travels pushed him to Australia, where he found at Dejavu a new challenge and in Marc Pinto a friend and a mentor.

Uniqueness, great food & drinks, a healthy lifestyle, as in his beloved Italy. These 3 ingredients are the key elements that characterize Dejavu’s philosophy and should characterize the daily routine of each individual.

Passionate about marketing, management and entertainment,Daniele has put together at Dejavu a young and talented international team. The most important aspect to make the machine working is a clear, transparent and sincere communication, building Dejavu team as a family and offering to customers a unique experience in a healthy environment characterized by vibrant and cozy atmosphere.