Tapas Menu

Glorious tasty tapas plated by our talented team served with pieces from our frequently requested tapas menu. Designed to give each person a tasteful experience from our unique selection with Australian ingredients.

Dejavu Tapas Restaurant
 Tapas & Platters, Perth’s first charcoal based pizza’s Menu
Dejavu Tapas Restaurant
 Dessert Menu

Epic Drinks Menu

Margaritas, Martinis, or non-alcoholic drinks? Pick your favourite from our Epic Drinks Menu and combine it with the perfect dish.

Dejavu Tapas Restaurant
 Epic Drinks Menu

Delivery Menu

Well, if you can’t go to Déjà vu, Déjà vu must come to you. That’s why we have a Delivery Menu full of Salad of Zeus, Secret spiced sweet potato fries and more!

Dejavu Tapas Restaurant
Takeaway/Delivery Only Menu